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CNC Milling Services

   We are proud to offer our shop and knowledge, so you can expand your's. Save time and man power while adding profitability to your cabinet business, no matter the scale.  Adding a CNC is an overwhelming investment of time and money.  We've gone through the hard knocks to refine our CNC cabinet construction process so you don't have to. Now we want to extend our shop to help you.

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Our affordable rates keep you competitive in the marketplace. All the while, adding value and time to your production.  CNC milled parts means all the hardware and part locations are perfectly mapped out. We also offer edge-banding services to speed up the assembly process. The time it takes to prepare your parts conventionally is cut to a fraction of the time when being processed by CNC.

Having the right tools at your side is worth it's weight in gold. We use Moziak software. The most credible and critically acclaimed software on the market today. Our CNC machine is a Biesse Rover 4'x12' table with 10 tool auto changer. Not only are we setup to cut any type of cabinet material, but solid surfaces as well. With a Holz Her edgebander to round out the arsenal. The considerations to look towards us makes it that much easier. 

Most importantly is the professional and friendly staff that will be working with your design team. With over 30 years of experience, there's no challenge we cannot work through. We make sure your design and final results will be exactly what you want before we mill any parts.  Consider how we can bring your shop to the next level. Give us a call now for a free estimate. Growing together is the greatest road to success. 

(831) 247-1439

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