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Learning Center: Frequently Asked Questions


We don’t want you to feel in the dark about any part of the process of customizing your new kitchen. You will find questions we have come across over the years that may help you feel reasured that you are getting exactly what you want. You can also call us at any point and we will be glad to go over any question you may have about your project.


How long will I be without a kitchen?

 - We know that interuptions in your daily life can be tough to work around sometimes, especially when it comes to remodelling a home. We leave your current kitchen intact while your new kitchen is under construction. From the time of removing your old kitchen it generally takes from 2-5 days for installation of your new cabinets. Countertops may take some time from that point for the countertop contractor to get accurate templates and farication time. We will work with you on time frames and coordinate the most convenient times for you. 


What if something breaks or doesn’t work?

 - Our work is guaranteed. You will never have to worry about having to live with a faulty kitchen or hardware item. We test all parts and functionality of your kitchen before delivery so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best products available.


Do I need to have my old floor torn up for my new kitchen?

 - In most cases we can work around your existing flooring if we are matching to your original footprint. If you are purchacing new flooring or thinking about a new floor to go with your new kitchen, it is best to wait until your new kitchen is installed so there will be no unwanted gaps or missed areas. We can coordinate with your flooring contractor on time frames for the quickest turn around possible.


What about countertop options?

 - Being in the industry as long as we have, we can recommend coutertop contractors that are helpful and committed to giving you the perfect counters to match your new kitchen. Whether you are looking for solid stone, tile, composite, or concrete we can put you in touch with very reliable sources. We can also offer laminate tops for a more budget minded remodel.


Do I need to paint the walls of my kitchen?

 - There are times when your new kitchen won’t match what you had before which could mean having open areas that didn’t need paint before. When this happens it is best to talk to your painter and have him discuss with you the best solution for any touch ups that were pre-exsiting. We will never open up unwanted holes or damage your walls during the installation process. If you are looking to change the color of your kitchen, it is best to wait untill your new kitchen is installed for the same reason as the flooring.


How do know the color stain I choose will work in my house?

 - We will always provide you with a finish sample of what your stain color will look like on your wood choice before we start the staining process. We leave nothing to chance and want you to be satisfied with every decision you make with your new kitchen. 


Can I make any changes to my cabinet layout after signing a contract?

 - There is a very small time frame from the time you give us the O.K. to start before we start milling material. If there is a dramatic change in design, this will require a change order and there may be additional costs to make these changes. 



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